Hand Written Letters

Hand Written Letters

Dear She is for women of all ages and all different places in life. We want everyone that hears about our Dear She to have the ability to submit a letter. Many of our older participants are in nursing homes and don’t have access to a computer. We also have many people that don’t own a computer or can’t use one. Well, Dear She wants everyone’s voice to be heard, so we created these mailing packets. The packet contains a pre-addressed envelope with the return address space covered up so the letter remains anonymous. Inside the envelope is an instruction card outlining how the start writing your letter and what to do once you’re done. There is even a double sided sheet of lined paper with a place to write in your age in the packet as well. These packets will allow people to hand write there letters as well. Writing out your letter by hand can be so therapeutic, and now all you have to do is stick on a stamp and toss it in the mail. We love getting hand written letters here at Dear She, its so personal and real! If you write us a hand written letter be sure to look for it here on the blog and on Instagram! Happy letter writing ladies!

Love, us

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