Dear She was created for  women and girls of all ages to help deal with matters of body image and self confidence. Dear She utilizes the therapeutic qualities of writing as a form of self expression by writing anonymous love letters to the self. You can write us a letter in the share section! Tell us anything you want, anything you want to get off your chest, it’s safe with us. You can also send us a tweet, an image of a drawing, a Facebook message, or anything that helps you work through a struggle that so many women face. These “letters” as we like to call them, will be collected into a book that you can view and purchase here on our site. Collecting the letters together, in whatever format they come in, will help create a sense of community. Readers will be able to experience the stories of women from all different walks of life, with different perspectives on the same topic. This community is brought even closer together by our blog. There you can see what we’re up to here at Dear She, check out Letters of the Week, project updates, and other neat stuff! Dear She is a safe space to express yourself, seek comfort, and love yourself.


Hi I’m Jessi! I am the creator and designer of Dear She. Like so many girls, I developed a poor perception of my body very early on. I went on thinking it was normal to feel that way until my senior year of high school, where I finally started to address it through art in my AP Art class. This really opened me up to different methods of learning to work through my issues with my self image. I began journaling, writing down my feelings, writing poetry, whatever inspired me. This act of therapeutic writing is really where Dear She came from. I wanted other girls to be able to have the same freeing experience I had. I wanted to give them a safe space to express themselves, to say anything they needed to say…to just be themselves. And I wanted them to be able to learn from each other. There is something so valuable about hearing the stories of others struggling with the same thing that you are. To me, Dear She supplied a much needed outlet to women to get things off their chest without any fear of judgment. I hope Dear She can be that outlet for you, and I hope you join us on our journey. I can not wait to hear from you!

Love, me