Dear She Class Talks

Dear She Class Talks

A huge part of the process for Dear She was doing class talks. We were lucky enough to be able to speak to so many classes and so many different people. We talked to middle schoolers, high schoolers, college students, grad students, youth groups…you name it we talked to them! Sounds exhausting right?!? But it was SO worth it. Getting to talking about Dear She with so many people with different backgrounds and life experiences really helped Dear She grow. We were able to speak to students from a huge variety of majors at colleges as well thanks to some incredible professors. We spoke to Women’s Studies classes, Psychology classes, English, Black Studies, Design classes, Social Services classes…the list goes on!

Getting to do this was an indispensable experience. Dear She got feedback from so many people that it maybe never would have gotten exposed to. We were able to hold question and answer sessions after all of these talks and really hear what you all had to say. It helped us learn so much about just what Dear She was capable of. It helped us learn about our audience and our impact. It helped us learn what interested you, what mattered to you…and of course, if Dear She interested you and could help you.

Through reading all of the submitted letters, it was pretty clear that Dear She was helping the women that participated. But another thing we got out of class talks was getting to see the projects effect on the male audience. Even though they couldn’t submit to Dear She, they still say its value. Within the letters they say their sisters, mothers, girlfriends…the women in their lives that struggle with body image issues maybe a bit more then they realized. They felt that Dear She gave them a better insight of what feelings of low self worth are like for women…they felt it helped them understand us better. And that is exactly what we were hoping for! Yes, Dear She is a project for women but we feel it is just as important for men.

Well, no matter who you are we hope Dear She was able to teach you and help you in some way. Because you have all certainly taught us a thing or two! Your letters, comments, questions, and conversations are what really made Dear She come alive! And we are so grateful to all of you, from the teachers to the students, for helping us spread the word and spread the love!

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