Dear She Book Prices

Dear She Book Prices

Hello All!

We wanted to announce that we are reducing the price of the Dear She Book and the Dear She Book PDF! Because we are using an online publisher to to produce the Dear She Book, the cost is a bit high. This is because the company we use (Blurb) makes a single run of each book as it is ordered. Blurb does incredible work and gives a great price considering the service they are providing, so THANKS BLURB! But we also realize that the current price is a little steep for a paper back book. And also, we want ANYONE to be able to have the Dear She Book if they want it! Dear She was made to help people, and we see the book as a huge part of that. There for we want to make it as accessible as possible!

So, We made some adjustments, pulled some strings and did what we could with the publishing platform. And now you can get the Dear She Book for $18.51 and the PDF for only $5.00! We hope that this makes the Dear She Book a little more accessible to you. And a BIG thank you to everyone who has already purchased the book and helped make Dear She possible. We hope the book means as much to you as it does to us! To purchase the Dear She Book through just click here

Much Love, The Dear She Team

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