Dear She,

I’m sorry I didn’t feed you right in middle school. I thought your image was more important than your health. Believe me I learned my lesson after all the times the scale didn’t show the number I wanted, but you were begging for dinner. I’m sorry I told you I hated you when I scratched off all the pimples from your face until they bled. I’m sorry I sat in front of the mirror squeezing your thighs wishing they would be split to half their size. I can’t apologize enough for every time I cried when I saw you bare. I’m sorry I called you names just like everyone called me in high school when your chest stayed flat and all the girls were showing off their cleavage. IM SORRY. I promise more than anything that I have grown to love you more than anything. I think you are beautiful and I am proud to show you off, flesh and all. If forgiveness was water than I want to drown in it for all of the harm I caused you.

Love, Me

Age: 19

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