Dear She,

I am learning to just be, without having to prove anything by straining or contorting.
I have a friend who is over one hundred years old. She says to me, “girl, I know you can fly like a kite…”
And also, “I want you to just walk, down the length of some open space, like it’s yours, because it is. This planet is for all of us  –  and it gives us everything we need to live in joy, every day.”
She says “there is a difference between who you are and what you do,” which has helped me let go of any desire to “do it all” to the detriment of my health and happiness.
More and more I am living these truths. I have tremendous gratitude for the amazing women around me who speak them out loud, and I am learning to sing them to myself, to others, to the air.

Love, Me

Age: 30

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