Dear She,

Amidst so much uncertainty, I can understand your urge to plunge into food. Food is safety, food is reliability, food is love. Food is an escape from all the confusion and all the pain. Food is joy. Amidst so much judgment, I can understand your urge to restrict your diet. Only organic, no preservatives, no wheat, no dairy, no added sugar, low glycemic index, must be raw, vegan, whole food or I will freak out. Control is safety, control is reliability, control is love. Control helps you avoid all the confusion and all the pain. Control is protection. It’s okay to swing from one extreme to the other. You’re dealing with a lot. It’s ok to be a little extreme. Give yourself room to be you, room to feel pain, and you will notice the extremes naturally sway back to center. Balance. Love and Compassion. It’s okay. Forgiveness. You are human and you are supposed to make mistakes and everything is a learning experience.

Love, Me

Age: 19


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