Dear She,

I understand that you have come from a place that you never understood and that’s perfectly and wonderfully ok. You’re here now and it’s such a brilliant thing that you are here. You have laughed until you’ve cried and you have cried until you have sobbed. You’re gorgeous no matter what. There are things about you that you have worked with every fiber of your being to achieve and there are things about you that you batter yourself over that you are WELL aware that you are going to accomplish. Not only will you accomplish your hearts desires, you are going to knock them out of the park. I love you everyday for the human being that you are. You love wholeheartedly and you put yourself in such an empathetic place that comes from the deepest corners of your soul. Keep being you. Don’t ever put yourself down…the world is there for that! It’s all a test for you to remember that in everything there is a positive. When you hear people say that you are beautiful and you change lives and even the world…believe it! You rock. Your soul is entirely what it needs to be and the fact that you cater to it’s needs is a blessing in itself.

Love, Me

Age: 31


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