Dear She,

I have been really hard on you in a lot of ways. Even under the guise of “self care,” I have been perfectionistic and hyper critical of you. I know that I have ignored your signals that you needed more or less of something – so often falling into habitual all or nothing thinking. I have often failed to trust the wisdom of the divine feminine within, the earth mother that is forever loving and guiding. I have believed it was possible to trust, and flow freely – but not for you. Recently something within has shifted. My desire to truly flow freely in every area of my life, my desire to release finding worth in external measures, my desire to release playing roles, changing who I am to please others – the inner yearning for all of this has finally shifted to outweigh my need to control control control. In the past I know have demanded control. Control of body, diet, surroundings and experiences, others’ perceptions of you. I don’t need to do this anymore. I trust you. You can relax. I really trust you and I love you. You are infinitely worthy and beautiful in every way – beautiful in a way that couldn’t be touched by the size of your body or the condition of your skin. You are the divine feminine embodied. You can flow freely, feel joy, live in balance, experience peace. You don’t have to worry, you deserve this. You deserve the love and wisdom and sense of connection with the divine that you are finally really, truly feeling in the core of your being. This is real. This is who you are. You had to go through those years of struggle to unearth this treasure of truth. The excavation is not over, it is lifelong, but now you can trust that who you really are right now, is exactly who you always wanted to be. Nothing is permanent but this truth is eternal. I love you and now that you can finally truly know and feel that love, you can share it with the world. You are not only enough, you are so much more than you ever thought possible. That potential was always within you and is within every being. You will live from that place from this day forward. I love you.

Love, Me

Age: 26


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