Dear She,

You’re beautiful. You don’t hear that enough. You don’t say that enough. Do you believe it? You should. God made you, you’re perfect, even in your imperfections. In fact, it’s your imperfections that make you so uniquely human, so uniquely you.
Do you remember a time when you weren’t worried about how you looked? Or if the clothes you had were “right”? Do you remember a time when you proudly proclaimed your beauty and self-worth without fear of what society might say? I do. It was in early childhood. Then the world marched in and tried to tell you otherwise. You believed it for a long time. Looked for validation in all the wrong places. Found insensitive and uncaring men, shallow friendships, found depression.
Then you woke up, thank God! You realized that your self-worth and beauty are not defined by anyone but you. Beauty is so much more than a perfect body. It’s about being kind, compassionate, caring, thoughtful, present and being true to you. It’s a long journey. We are far from landed, but we are infinitely closer than we were. Thank God for that.
So as you walk this journey to loving yourself, unconditionally, please remember a few things. You are beautiful. You are good enough, always. You have strength that is deeper than you’ll probably ever believe. You are worthy of love and a life fulfilled. You are not defined by your past, only by your actions in the present. You are BEAUTIFUL.

Love, Me

Age: 33

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