Dear She,

Every day I see the same boring photo of oh guys like girls better “thick” as they call it. And i tried achieving that goal but its like no matter how hard i try to gain weight or lose weight for a guy they’re never pleased. And then I realized my body is perfect the way it is and I don’t care who says what. I may have scars and stretch marks but that’s a part of life and those scars show my story and express what I’ve been through. I’m glad someone finally made a website like this, because i have been waiting to pour out how i feel about my body. It really makes a difference because i feel like i have gained more confidence than i use to have. I always thought negatively about my body and now its like i can say anything and won’t be judged. I love my body and the way it is
<3 that’s all i have to say.

Love me.

Age: 15

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