Time to Create Our Own World

Time to Create Our Own World

Written in the style of our Dear She anonymous letters, guest blogger Liz Anderson gives us a look at her experience working in the tech industry. Her honest words provide a sincere perspective on the effects of living in a mans world.

Dear She,

I know you feel like no one is listening. That others hear you, but they don’t process what you’re saying. You feel that you might as well just keep talking to yourself, as you have practiced these speeches, putting these feelings into physical words, as you stare at your damp self in the mirror after you get out of the shower. You practice these words, and you critique them, and add finesse hoping that one day it will strike a chord with someone. But you never do. And you fear you never will.

Stop it. Stop all of it. You are only responsible for your own actions and your own reactions. You may never find that reciprocation that you hope for, that genuineness and carefulness you expect others to pay to you just as you attempt to pay for them. You have done your part; you have done your foot work. Perhaps you feel disrespected for your ambition, being called an unrealistic dreamer. Perhaps you are looked at as a fool, a child, for you are just a woman and simply are not capable of competing in a man’s world. Perhaps you dream of creating a future for yourself as opposed to just settling for whatever you are facing now. Perhaps you want more than what your world is offering in this moment. I know all these feelings. I relate. I know how it feels to dream for something greater, to see and feel your mind working at a different frequency and in a different pattern for those around. I know what it’s like to desperately search for answers as to why the world and your environment isn’t how it should be. I know what it’s like to so desperately want to change that that you often feel ostracized for being strange.

It’s time to stop that. Maybe what you and I both need, is time. Time to allow us to love ourselves as we are instead of questioning why we don’t fit in this world that we are placed in. Time to just let us follow our own hearts, however ludicrous it might seem to forge against the current. Time to create our world. Time to stop thinking, picking apart our world, and questioning why it is the way it is, and accept it. And move on. And just follow your heart. Time to believe in yourself, just as you urge others to. Time to practice what you preach.

For remember, the only one that you have to live with at the end of the day is yourself. Do not squander that relationship with yourself. Treasure it. Embrace your quirks, just as I have, and thank the heavens that you are not a cookie cutter mold that will wither away into oblivion. You are unique and a blessing to this world. Never forget how much your beauty and energy means to me. You will make a difference, I promise, just don’t get frustrated and lose sight of what is really important. Never lose sight that we create our own reality. Don’t make a reality for yourself that is skeptical and critical, foster one of love and excitement of differences. For how boring our world would be without that spark.

All my love, Me

Author  |  Liz Anderson


My name is Liz Anderson, and I am a Computer Engineering student in New York. I grew up in a small town on Long Island, New York. I always knew that whatever I wanted to do was to create. That’s why I enjoy writing for Dear She; I want to write pieces that create reassurance and thought provoking perspective for those across the globe.

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  • Cassidy Chen says:

    This was such a beautiful and inspiring article! You should definitely write and enlighten more intelligent minds. I LOVE THIS!

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