An Obstacle with My Body

An Obstacle with My Body

We are happy to introduce you all to our newest guest blogger, Emma  Butler! Emma comes to us from England and will be writing about a variety of topics and experiences. To help you get to know her, she wrote her very own Dear She Love Letter which you can read below. For more from Emma, check out her blog by clicking the link in her bio below.

Dear, She

Long hair, flawless skin and a curvy figure. Welcome to the expectations of the how a female should look. Body confidence is difficult to build up, especially if you don’t like the skin you’re in, but why do people have to comment?

“Your boobs are too small, you’ll never be sexy.”

“Your hair looks like boys hair.”

“You’re way too tall, it’s ugly.”

Just a few demeaning examples of comments I heard throughout secondary school to myself and friends. It seems in society today that we have in our brains the perfect image of what a female (and male) should look like; if they don’t meet these expectations, TOO many people are quick to turn your nose up at you.

I’ve grown up in the generation of social media becoming a very powerful platform, both good and bad. They’re brilliant for people to stay up-to-date with friends, but it is also abused. When uploading an Instagram photo, do you stand in the mirror and bend yourself in the most difficult and unnatural positions just to get the right shot? If you answered yes, why do you? A number of likes on a photo doesn’t define how pretty you are.

We are born into the skin we have, we shouldn’t be ashamed of this. Your body is the only thing you’ll carry with you throughout life, it is your temple. How little or big you are, you are a beautiful human being and you should not let anyone tell you different.

Everyone isn’t perfect and even though you may aspire to be like someone else, they aren’t perfect. For example, everyone dreams over Kylie Jenner and her flawless skin, it turns out it is bullshit and she wears amazing foundation and she has freckles which are still just as beautiful!

Over the years I’ve begun to increase my body confidence, I was always told I’m too skinny and that I look anorexic and I have too small breasts and nobody will ever find me sexy. But how did they know what everyone in the world would think of me and my body? A beautiful soul can make any body shape or type 10x sexier.

Don’t listen to those bitter people who say you’re not good enough, because no matter what you look like you are a beautiful soul trying to make it in the big tough world. You will only have one body in your life, once you start to learn that you are beautiful just the way you are then everything else will fall in place.

I believe that if it is meant to be its meant to be. If you’re worried about finding true love because of your body, you shouldn’t be. Someone will come along and make you feel like the sexiest girl alive, but until that happens you have to believe you are beautiful – because you are.

Shake off the worries of what other people will think and rock the skin you are in, it is part of your identity and you shouldn’t be ashamed of that. You are beautiful.

Love, Me

Author  |  Emma Butler

Hi, my name is Emma and I’m a 19 year old British Blogger. In the day I’m a marketing executive for a travel company, but in any free time you’ll find me blogging about anything and everything. I often blog about body confidence and success as a women which is why I love Dear She so much. You can find my travel/lifestyle/beauty blog here!

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