Dear She: What’s Next

Dear She: What’s Next

We are sorry that Dear She has been away. But after the release of the Dear She book, we took a much needed week off! Anyways, we are back in action again and moving forward! First off, a few words on what’s next for us:

– The Dear She Book is out and available for purchase right here through the Shop! There is also a digital download version available for e-readers!

– The Wednesday Letter of the Week will continue as usual. Check back in later today to read it!

– Since the Letter of the Week is going on, this means you have to KEEP WRITING!!!! We love getting your wonderful submissions and we don’t want them to stop!

– We want you all to remember that the idea of Dear She isn’t just to have your letter in a book. It is about expression, healing, and helping others. Many of you have sent letters after the book deadline just for the beautiful purpose of making yourself feel better, and we absolutly LOVE that! We hope that you will keep writing whether there is a book or not! Write your first, second… Even eighth letter! Dear She wants to grow along with you!

– If you don’t want to write a letter now that the book is out, don’t you fret! A second edition of the Dear She Book has always been on our agenda! But again, we need lots and lots of letters to make it happen!!! Maybe even more then the first book!

– Lastly, we are thinking about trying our hand at getting the Dear She Book actually published. We would love to hear your thoughts on this! Please comment and let us know what you think or comment under the post for this blog post on Facebook!


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