Dear She,

No matter how many times or how many ways someone tells you how pretty you look, the only person in the whole world that will ever be able to convince you of this is you. Yourself is the only self that can make you feel truly beautiful and worth something. And the biggest fact of them all is… That is all you need. You don’t need someone’s reassurance. You need to look in that mirror, standing up straight, head high, and say I am enough. I am a strong, athletic, independent, confident, and successful women. My heart is as big as the muscles on my legs that I use to hike, run, swim. When I wear dresses I love seeing the strength through the skirt. I go with my gut when I’m feeling a certain way, I am never afraid of my emotions, and I embrace every single thing that makes me the way I am. I stand with myself and every other woman in my life to support each other in believing in ourselves, each other, and the incomparable life of living as a woman.

Love, Me

Age: 19

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