Dear She,

I’m not sure you have ever felt quite at home in your own skin. It never seemed to fit quite right. It never seemed to hold you in the shape of the person you wanted to be. You had this idea of this incredible girl. She was confident, strong, talented, and she was herself. God you wanted to be her! You wanted so badly to be unafraid, to just be who you were. That incredible girl wasn’t perfect, but she was perfect to you because she was entirely her own. But perfection is a tricky game … it makes you want what you know you can’t have. So you denied what you wanted. You thought that if you never admitted to wanting something … to deserving something, then it wouldn’t hurt as bad when you didn’t get it.

So you buried that girl. You buried her deep beneath layers of sarcasm, lies, and secrets. You locked her away behind walls so high no one would dare to climb them. You built a new character. One who was so confident in herself she didn’t care what people thought of her. You covered your body with armor. An armor that had no way in and no way out. You wore that armor so long that it began to fuse with that soft skin of yours. It began to suffocate you, it began to snuff out the remains of that dream girl. Something had to change! You couldn’t let her fade. You couldn’t lose your chance to finally be yourself! But lucky for you you didn’t have to do it alone. People came into your life to help pry that armor off. Piece by piece, the life slowly started to return to your skin. You cut your hair … and with every inch you sheared off you were getting closer to that girl. That girl that lay dormant, waiting for the day you would finally find her.

Your journey hasn’t always been a steady climb. As much as people have helped you remove your armor, there have been those that wanted to keep you locked inside. But you are stronger now. You know you have to fight everyday to keep that girl alive. And you know that some days … you will lose the fight. But you will not lose the war! You know those days will pass and you will be alright. You see, you and that girl are a team now. You haven’t laid eyes on her yet, but you can see her in the distance now. And she gets closer and closer every day.

Love, Me

Age: 21

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    Awesome you should think of somheting like that

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