Dear She,

Hope that I am not too late for this sharing. I wanted to write and review by ideas, but no time for that. When I was young…I was a late bloomer, skinny, more interested in sports and having fun than being part of the “sought after” girls. When I look back at my bikini pictures in my early 20s, I realize that I was barely 90 pounds and looked silly and awkward. Only, after marriage, two children, and at the age of 32 did I have a figure worthy of a sexy bathing suit. So…I went out and bought a fabulous suit for the summer of 1978. I was finally ready with a body that I felt worthy of recognition to myself mostly and also the world.

Before I had an opportunity to wear “the suit” – a routine check – up at the doctor’s revealed a lump in my left breast. Lumpectomy, frozen section, lab reports…mastectomy at the age of 32 with two toddlers to care for. What…? I missed my moment to wear something sexy. Crazy ironic. I still squint my eyes when I look back at how silly the whole need for looking/feeling like a woman was supposed to be for that time period.

The good news – I am alive after more than three decades. I even had one more baby and breast fed her with one huge breast.

Love, Me

Age: 68

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