Dear She,

Being a plus size woman in America seems to be one of the biggest crimes one can commit. Everywhere you go you either feel invisible or that you are center stage at a circus.Everyone ignores you or stares at you, The hot guys look right through you and the skinny girls mock you. You end up every guys “best friend” or “wingwoman” and nothing more. So if that wasn’t bad enough when I was 16 years old I was diagnosed with P.C.O.S. ( polycystic ovarian syndrome). So now I knew why I was heavier than most, 2/3 of women with P.C.O.S. are obese. However, it gets worse balding, acne, and infertility are all symptoms of this purely genetic syndrome. The thing that hit me the hardest is the infertility, having always wanting to be a mom its gut wrenching to think such a simple thing that people take for granted, I may never have. At times I feel less like a woman for it. At first I was mad, I cried but finally came to terms with this is who I am. At times it’s still rough of course, but I found a guy who loves me unconditionally and knows all of this. He supports me everyday for the past 5 1/2 years, proving there is someone for everyone no matter what.

Love, Me ( as I have learned to love myself)

Age: 21

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