Dear She,

As you go about your day, remember a few things.
Remember that Photoshop may make people beautiful, but it doesn’t make them real-ly beautiful.
Remember that when your thighs look big, it’s because you’ve been training them to be strong. Don’t go back to that place where your mother called you “thunder-thighs.” Thunder is strong. Thunder is powerful. Thunder doesn’t take shit from anybody.
Remember that while you are busy wishing you had someone else’s features, they’re probably wishing they had some of yours, too.
Remember that when you husband tells you that you are beautiful, he says it because he means it, not just because he is trying to get into your pants. But remember he IS also probably trying to get into your pants, and he doesn’t understand that feeling sexy is hard to do when you’re feeling fat. He thinks it’s because you don’t think HE is beautiful.
Remember that while you’re busy looking in the mirror worrying about your droopy eyes and pudgy belly, you’re wasting time that could be spend doing cooler things. Laughing with loved ones. Cuddling with cats. Reading books. Many things are cooler than worrying at your reflection.
Remember that you work hard to feel good in your skin. Enjoy the moments that you feel faster, stronger, healthier than you did before. Enjoy the times where you feel faster, stronger, healthier, and remember those times when you don’t feel pretty.
Remember that every woman goes through similar things. Even women that loudly proclaim “I Love My Body!” They’ve had their moments of undeserved self-doubt. We all have.
Remember that you ARE beautiful, not because your husband, family, friends tell you that you are. And not because you’re fitting into (or at least trying to) what society tells you is beautiful. Remember that you are beautiful because YOU see yourself as beautiful. Because thunder-thighs, droopy eyes, and pudgy bellies ARE beautiful – they are real.

Love, Me

Age: 28

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