The Fight Song

The Fight Song

This past week has been a challenge to say the least, and it has taken a while for us to fully wrap our heads around it. We have watched the country that we love let us down. We have watched hatred and bigotry succeed. But here and now, we will use every once of our power to make sure it doesn’t win. Hatred may have won the battle, but it is up to use to ensure that it doesn’t win the war.

This is a call to action: it is time for us to stand together now more than ever. We know so many of you feel like your voices weren’t heard on election day. And the feeling of helplessness can be so overwhelming. But despite all of this, we have been so inspired by all of you and your bravery, passion, and willingness to keep fighting. The outpouring of support and kindness has shown a light in the dark aftermath of this past week. And Dear She wants to help you spread that light even farther.

If this is your first time visiting our page, welcome. Dear She was started as movement for female body positivity and self confidence. But our goal is to ultimately be a safe place to let people’s voices be heard on a wide variety of subject matters. Dear She was built around freedom of expression, acceptance and sharing. We believe that by telling our own stories, we can connect with others and inspire them to do the same. We can create a dialogue across the things that divide us through shared experiences and understanding. We always say that you never know who you could help just by telling your story. And this has never been more true.

So we are offering up Dear She as a safe place for anyone who wants it. We want to hear what you have to say, we want to share your story with those who are struggling to find comfort. We are calling on you, the passionate and the brave, to use Dear She as your megaphone. Story telling, poetry, art, photography…any way you express yourself, we are here to elevate your message and give your passion a platform. All of the feelings that are pent up inside your chest, you can release them here. We want to hear what you have to say, and we want others to hear it too! And we always have and always will have your back. Dear She is small, but you all have given us the strength to keep singing our fight song. So join us, the more voices the louder the song grows and we will be “stronger together.”

All our love to you all, we hope to hear from you soon


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